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What do you know about the dangers of sleep apnea?

Most people are aware that sleep apnea causes health risks but those risks are generally misunderstood. While it is commonly known that sleep apnea means a disruption of air for the sleeper, it seems on the surface that sleep apnea might cause a person to stop breathing. Of course that is cause for concern but most rare as a cause of death. It is more likely that the intermittent breathing is having serious systemic side effects that can be very dangerous.

Sleep apnea is linked to high blood pressure, heart attack stroke, coronary artery disease and cardiac arrhythmia. When your body starts to sense low oxygen, your heart works harder to keep the oxygen in your system pumping. Over time, depriving your body of necessary oxygen for a third of the day while you sleep adds up to undue stress.

There is one great thing about sleep apnea: the warning sound it makes. If you snore, you need to be checked for sleep apnea. Snoring is a major warning sign that your airway is not clear, which may or may not be sleep apnea but there is your signal. If you snore, come in for a consultation and I’ll explain how to proceed with sleep apnea diagnostics.

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