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Treating TMJ

When I treat a patient with TMJ, it is always such a great experience to see them getting around without the chronic pain or pain medications they have been living with for a long time. Most TMJ patients live with the pain longer than most would expect. Then, after they finally get treatment from me or another neuromuscular dentist, they all say, “What took me so long?” Good question.

Once the pain is out of their day-to-day, patients often see how long they have been living with their chronic TMJ pain. So why did they just live with it? It’s probably because no one validated the pain with a diagnosis. Most doctors, when presented with TMJ symptoms are not going to make a direct diagnosis for the jaw. The result is a lot of pain medication being prescribed. With no clear cause identified, the best solution is to treat the symptom and hope the inflammation goes down.

But, over the last 10 years, neuromuscular dentists like myself have been successful in getting the word out. It is easier to find a neuromuscular dentist and an increasing number of people are looking for a dentist first when they find they have TMJ symptoms. Yet, still, if you don’t realize yourself what makes up TMJ symptoms, you are relying on other doctors and influencers to filter information for you. So, if you have a friend who is suffering from TMJ symptoms, encourage them to seek out a neuromuscular dentist to treat the chronic pain. We will focus on the cause of the pain in the jaw.

So, know the symptoms: head pain, neck pain, jaw pain, shoulder and upper back pain, radiating pain in the arms, waxy ears, migraines and chronic sinus irritation. There are more even more obscure symptoms. (Just be aware of your chronic pains. Pain is your body’s warning sign that something needs help.) All of these symptoms can begin with irritation of the TMJ joint. If this is the case, I will treat your TMJ with long-lasting solutions, not just send you off with a pain medication and hope that your inflammation goes down.

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