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Professional Teeth Whitening vs. At-Home Teeth Whitening

There are number of teeth whitening solutions currently available to patients who are interested in brightening their smiles, and Dr. Hill offers a number of great options in his office. Yet many patients turn to over-the-counter whitening kits readily available at most grocery stores and pharmacies. But are these at-home kits really the best option?

At-home teeth whitening kits can produce results. Many patients choose this option because it’s seen as a quick fix without having to visit a dentist. However, in 2014, the American Dental Association began to recommend that “patients who are considering having their teeth whitened by non-dentists…first visit their dentists to make sure their teeth and gums are healthy.” This recommendation allows a dentist to determine if the patient is a suitable candidate for teeth whitening.

Whitening your teeth at home may be convenient, but it can take several weeks to see noticeable results. One of the key advantages to professional teeth whitening is remarkably quicker results. Patients often report seeing results before leaving their appointment. This is due in large part to the quality and concentration of ingredients used by dentists’ offices. These types of high-concentration whitening gels aren’t available over the counter and can only be used and dispensed through a dental office.

One of the disadvantages to at-home kits is that patients aren’t under a dentist’s supervision when using them and don’t receive professional guidance on the application process. As such, the margin for error is significantly greater. The application strips or trays in at-home kits can also be quite cumbersome and aren’t custom-made to contour to the patient’s teeth. This can lead to improper application.

Our office works with our patients to determine the professional whitening solution that best suits their needs. We offer traditional whitening trays, customized for each patient, as well as in-office whitening. To learn more about our treatment options, give us a call at 469-617-6488 to schedule your appointment.

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