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Is Poor Oral Hygiene Hurting Your Relationships?

With approximately 45.2 percent of the adult population of the United States single, according to the United States Census Bureau, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of dating going on out there. But what’s stopping those dates from turning into something lasting and meaningful? Personality differences? Infidelity? Believe it or not, according to Delta Dental’s Adults Dental Health & Well-Being Survey, it could be your oral hygiene!

The study asked 1,008 adult Americans from around the country to share their feelings on how oral health and oral hygiene affect their perceptions of other people. The results in some cases were surprising.

Sexiest Feature

Fifty-one percent of women and 42 percent of men responded that the smile was the sexiest feature on the opposite sex. In fact, according to the survey, the smile is so important it’s actually more important than how much money a potential mate has. Respondents also overwhelmingly said that people who frequently smile and who have healthy smiles are more attractive than those who don’t.

Deal Breakers

The smile doesn’t just have the power to open doors, as the old Eagles song goes – it apparently also has the power to close them. In fact, 64 percent of respondents agreed that poor oral health was a reason to end a relationship and neglecting to care for oral hygiene was worse than being late for dates and not paying for dates.

Don’t Overshare

In perhaps one of the oddest questions on the survey, only 35 percent of respondents considered partners using each other’s personal toothbrushes a deal breaker. Another 8 percent took issue with their partner using their toothpaste. While the latter may seem a little excessive, the 35 percent who aren’t into sharing brushes have a point. Sharing toothbrushes (yes, even with someone you love) is a very bad idea. In addition to being gross, it’s also a great way to spread bacteria from mouth to mouth, which puts you at a higher risk for getting sick, getting gum disease and even getting more of the cavity-causing s. mutans bacteria that cause cavities.

The great news is, taking care of your oral hygiene is easy, and when done regularly can have some major relationship benefits, too!

If you need to get your oral hygiene in check and would like to schedule an exam with your oral health wingman Dr. Hill, please call the office at (469) 640-9550.

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