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Importance of Protecting Baby Teeth

“Aren’t my child’s teeth just going to fall out anyway?” That’s a question I get from many parents after warning them about preserving the baby teeth. While the baby teeth do fall out by around age 12, they have important functions while they are in place. It’s important for teeth to be kept healthy and in place until the body is ready to let go of them naturally.

To better visualize this, I tell my patients to think of the baby teeth as placeholders. The first set of teeth is what defines our jawline and bite. When the body is ready to let go of the tooth, it’s because that portion of the jaw his finished developing. When teeth are lost early, it creates crowding and the potential for adult teeth to grow in different directions.

For children’s dental care, we focus on keeping the teeth and gums as clean as possible in order to prevent infection. Small fillings may be necessary to close deep groves that harbor bacteria. Catching these cavities early helps prevent the need for a crown or potentially root canal in the future.

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