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Help! My Filling Fell Out

Picture this: You just sat down to dinner and take a bite of your baked potato. As you chew, you suddenly crunch down on something. But baked potatoes aren’t crunchy! That’s when you panic. Did you lose a tooth? After examining the source of the crunch, you realize you lost something else: a filling. Now what? Before you panic, here’s what to do if you find yourself in this or a similar scenario.

Don’t Panic!

The great thing about losing a filling is that it’s already a pre-drilled hole that can most likely be easily refilled. But depending on the size of the filling, time is of the essence when getting it refilled.

Assess the Damage

Check the cavity in your tooth for any further damage to the tooth. Are you in any pain? Do you see any decay around the filling? Is the tooth sharp? Is there any chance the tooth could break if you eat anything crunchy?

Call Dr. Hill

If you’re lucky, you’ll lose a filling during business hours and will be able to come to Dr. Hill’s office as soon as possible. If you lose a filling after hours, again, don’t panic. If you are in significant pain or bleeding, call the office and leave a message with the answering service and someone will get back to you shortly. If you aren’t, take a deep breath and wait until regular business hours.

In the Meantime

If you must eat before your appointment, stick to soft foods that won’t damage the remaining tooth, and keep the tooth clean. If it is sensitive, stick to warm foods like oatmeal or soup. Do not attempt to glue your filling back in with superglue, dental adhesive or any other bonding material!

What Happens Next?

When you arrive for your appointment, you will need the tooth examined and X-rayed. Then, any new decay around the filling will be removed and the tooth cleaned up before being re-filled. Next, Dr. Hill will re-fill your filling and you’ll be good to go!

Remember: Fillings aren’t permanent. In other words, they weren’t made to last forever. In ideal conditions, a filling might last you 20 years or more, but most do not last that long, so chances are you will need a filling or two replaced along the way – though hopefully before they get a chance to ruin your dinner.

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hill, please call 469-640-9550.

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