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Five Splurges You Should Never Cut Corners On

For many people, saving money has become the ultimate pursuit. Between savings apps, rebate programs and extreme couponing, finding a good deal has never been easier. But there are times when cutting corners to cut costs isn’t the best idea. Here’s a list of five things you should never scrimp on.


Yes, there are some cute shoes at discount stores, but before you rush out and buy a pair in every color, make sure those cute, affordable shoes are comfortable. If they cause blisters, pinch your toes, leave marks on your feet or make you want to kick them off an hour after putting them on, are you really getting a deal?

Cheap shoes may save you a few bucks, but if you never want to wear them or they leave your feet in agony, you’re throwing your money away. On the other hand, a well-made, comfortable shoe not only looks good, but it will also last longer and feel better too, which means you get more from your investment than you would with a less comfortable, cheaper shoe.


Don’t just settle for cheap stuff to save a few dollars. Wine is meant to be enjoyed. Whether your favorite bottle costs $20 or $200, buy what you like and enjoy every drop! Life is too short to drink bad wine just to save a few dollars.

Hair Styling 

If you’re one of those people who gets a half-inch trim every six weeks, you probably don’t need to pay top-dollar for a fancy salon, but if you’re in search of a drastic change or complicated, trendy hairstyle, paying a little more for a more skilled stylist is always a smart investment.

Want to dramatically change your color? Pass on those DIY box kits and leave it to the professionals. Those home kits may seem like a good deal, but if anything goes wrong, color correction can often cost more than if you’d had the coloring done by a professional in the first place!


Towels, blankets, and sheets may not seem like something you should spend a lot on, but if they’re rough or itchy, you’re not doing yourself any favors by saving money on them.  After all, the average person spends 25 percent of their life sleeping. That means if you live to 100, you’ll spend 25 years asleep! With so much time covered in sheets and blankets, don’t feel guilty about splurging on soft, comfortable bedding.

Mouth Guards

Do you grind your teeth while sleeping, exercising or sitting in traffic? Then chances are, you need a mouth guard. Mouth guards come in many forms and can range in price from under $20 to thousands of dollars, depending on the type of mouth guard you get. So, why should you buy a more expensive guard when you can buy a cheap one at the pharmacy? Comfort is key.  

When you purchase one of those DIY boil-and-bite guards at the store, you may be getting a custom fit, but at the expense of comfort. Those affordable mouth guards are usually bulky, cumbersome and uncomfortable. That’s why, if you grind your teeth, we recommend getting fitted by your dentist for a custom mouth guard. Professional mouth guards fit only where they need to fit, ensuring your teeth are protected and your mouth is comfortable, and that you can swallow and breathe naturally while wearing it. 

Professionally made mouth guards may cost more, but they may be more beneficial than their drugstore counterparts, because you are more likely to wear your mouth guard if it’s comfortable. After all, if you’re not wearing your mouth guard, it’s not doing anything to protect your teeth.

Whether you think you may need a mouth guard, it’s time to set up a cleaning or if you have any questions or concerns about your oral health, give Dr. Hill’s office a call at 469-640-9550.

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