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Five Fun Ways to Celebrate Getting Braces Off

So, you’re out from behind those cold metal bars. No, not those cold metal bars! You’ve finally gotten your braces off – and that means it’s time to celebrate. Here are some fun ways to show off your beautiful new braces-free smile. After all, you earned it!

Chew Some (Sugarless) Gum

Yes, it’s really OK to chew sugarless gum; it helps neutralize cavity-causing bacteria by increasing your saliva and helping wash the bacteria away. Plus, for you gum addicts, it’s probably been so long since you last had gum, having that chewy treat is a celebration in itself. But beware of gum with sugar – it has the opposite effect and can actually increase your risk of cavities by coating your teeth in sugar.

Get Your Teeth Whitened

What better way to show off those pearly whites than to get a professional whitening treatment from your dentist? It can be hard to reach many areas of the teeth when you have braces, and sometimes teeth come out of braces with discoloring or uneven coloring. A professional whitening treatment can correct that problem and get that beautiful smile gleaming again.

Redo Your Photos

Did you have professional headshots, family portraits, school pictures, or passport or license photos taken while you had your braces on? Why not get them redone now that your smile is perfected and you no longer have braces in the way? You may even smile in these!

Crunch Away!

Like gum, crunchy foods have also been off the menu with your braces. Celebrate your braces’ departure by having some raw veggies like carrots or broccoli or a handful of pretzels or chips. Everything in moderation, of course.

Get Used to Clean Teeth Again

Naturally, when you wear braces, your oral care routine changes quite a bit. But when they come off, it changes again – it gets way easier! Don’t skip any steps you took with your braces, but enjoy the ease of flossing, and the diminished risk of walking around with spinach stuck in your brackets all day. Pay attention to any areas in the mouth that are difficult to floss between. If they’re really tight, speak to your orthodontist – there may be a quick adjustment that can create more space between those teeth.

Above all, remember, smile often and wear your retainer as prescribed – otherwise, you could end up back behind bars again. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Hill, please call 469-393-2462.

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