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Do you know anyone who is living with a missing tooth?

If you do, it’s important that they know a missing tooth can cause bone loss in the jaw, leading to very serious dental and medical conditions. Do you know that hollow, sunken look people can get when they have missing teeth? That is the result of atrophy caused by missing teeth. Many people will consider dentures in when teeth are missing, but dentures do not anchor into the jaw like a tooth, they sit on top of the gum, so in the long-term dentures do not ward off bone loss problems we see with missing teeth.

Dental implants are now the standard of care for missing teeth. Dentures and partials are inconvenient at best. They require maintenance and can be less than aesthetically pleasing. An implant looks and functions just like a tooth.

Anchored to the bone with a titanium rod, an implant is rooted in like a real tooth. Sitting atop the titanium rod is a ceramic tooth designed to look perfect in the place of the missing tooth. This treatment combines the health benefits of a rooted implant with the aesthetic benefits of cosmetic dentistry.

So, if you or someone you know is missing a tooth, let them know there are great options for replacing that tooth. A dental implant will do the trick and no one will ever know that implant from one of their real teeth.

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