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Could This Tool Help Solve a Major Dental Dilemma?

A recent study in the journal Special Care in Dentistry found that children with the nervous system disorder cerebral palsy had success brushing their teeth with a custom-made toothbrush designed to fit their individual hands.

The study followed 30 children with cerebral palsy in Bangalore, India. Fourteen of the children received custom-made toothbrushes, and the remaining 16 received regular brushes. The children with the custom toothbrushes showed a dramatic drop in the amount of plaque on their teeth after just three weeks. In fact, the plaque dropped by a whopping 31.55 percent, while the control group dropped only 8.34 percent.

Though the study was small, it does offer hope that this type of brush can be manufactured for more people with cerebral palsy. But what’s even more hopeful is that someday it may also be used to help people with other debilitating illnesses. People with fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, peripheral neuropathy, and many other nerve and muscular illnesses may benefit from this type of special toothbrush.

This allows people with disabilities a greater degree of not just oral health and hygiene, but also greater independence. Whereas many of these patients previously relied upon nurses or family to brush their teeth for them, these custom brushes may allow them to take that responsibility back.

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