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Cosmetic dentistry

Dental technologies and materials have advanced so much in the past several years that there is a great emphasis than ever on aesthetics. It’s always been a concern in dentistry because the smile is such a prominent facial feature and how you smile communicates so much about you and your personality. So, today, every dentist had better be prepared for questions about “cosmetic” dentistry.

In my case, I have an education in cosmetic dentistry. Of course, I approach all of my patients with the best aesthetic options in mind and my practice offers the basics to improve your smile: whitening, white fillings, etc. But cosmetic dentistry, where I design a smile or a full mouth restoration, requires education and experience in this field. That‘s a distinction I try to discuss whenever I can.

Cosmetic dentistry with porcelain veneers can be done a number of different ways including thin onlays that only cover the front of the tooth or with a cosmetic crown commonly known as a porcelain veneer. In both cases, an eye trained in aesthetics is necessary to get the proportion and colors just right. And, proper training in the use of the materials is needed to assure long-lasting results that give the patient the desired effect. So, you see, the proper training includes some art and some science. There is no perfect formula to make a perfect smile, which is why training is so important.

I’d like you to know about my training, which you can read about here: About Dr. Stephen Hill

When you are ready to talk about aesthetic improvements to your smile, I’m ready to help you. Call Hill Dental Studio today at: 469.656.4516.

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